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We are a team of futurists, foresight analysts and experts from Helsinki, Finland. 

Our goal at Futures Platform is to make foresight accessible, easy and practical for organisations, and empower teams to work with the future together in a wide range of use cases - from strategic planning to product development, innovation and risk management.

We bring foresight into action with a unique blend of a digital, collaborative foresight solution and continuous support from our foresight experts. Our team of futurists monitor all industries and society at large to keep our foresight database up-to-date. Our technology team continuously develops our solution based on our clients' needs so that teams can easily visualise future scenarios and create a shared understanding of the future.

We believe that foresight should be a continuous activity in a constantly changing world- and we provide you with cutting edge foresight tools and expertise to shape the future to your advantage.

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Tuomo Kuosa

Dr. Tuomo Kuosa, Content Director

PhD, Futures Studies
Docent (Adj.prof.) of Strategic Foresight in Finnish National Defence University
Author of ’The Evolution of Strategic Foresight’ and multiple other books

Max Stucki

Max Stucki, Foresight Analysis Manager

Master of Arts, Futures Studies
Master of Social Sciences
Master of Business Administration (graduation in 2022)
Security and Strategic Analysis (graduation in 2022)

Shiori Ota

Shiori Ota, Foresight Analyst

Master of Arts, Futures Studies


Mika Ilari Koskinen

Mika Ilari Koskinen, CX & Technology Director

Mika Ilari is in charge of Futures Platform´s user experience, which has delighted users ever since the first version was presented to customers years ago. Mika Ilari is a designer and architect with over 20 years of experience in digital service design. He was a co-founder of foresight consulting firm Alternative Futures together with Tuomo Kuosa and Jari Koskinen, the team that designed the original product versions of Futures Platform.

Dr. Tuomo Kuosa

Dr. Tuomo Kuosa, Content Director

Tuomo leads the foresight content delivery team at Futures Platform. He is a futurist specialising in strategic foresight, futures research methodology, and anticipating societal transformation. Having worked in Finland and Singapore advising organisations in future-focused planning processes, Tuomo has extensive experience solving customer needs regarding strategic foresight and futures intelligence.

Jari Koskinen

Jari Koskinen, Consulting Director

Jari makes sure the functionality of Futures Platform is in line with customer needs and practical use cases, adding real value to innovation and change processes our customers are working with. Jari is a futurist & co-designer with a vast consulting experience in service concept design, brand management, participatory strategy work and facilitation of change processes.

Ville Vanhala

Ville Vanhala, CFO

Ville steers Futures Platform to grow and develop, making sure that we can provide an always-evolving tool to support our customers' foresight efforts. Ville has worked with market insights all his professional life. He started his career at McKinsey & Company and developed extensive expertise in market insights solutions over the years. He co-founded a market intelligence company in 1999 and led the development of the firm’s market monitoring services, which by 2014 were being delivered to customers worldwide by 150 intelligence professionals working across Asia, Europe and Americas.

Markko Vaarnas, Chairman of the Board

As the Managing Partner of the accelerator company Takeoff Partners, Markko is a specialist in internationalising B2B software and service companies. Markko comes from an entrepreneur background: In 1999, he co-founded the market insights company Global Intelligence Alliance and grew its operations to 10 offices across four continents.


We strive to continuously develop Future Platform's foresight database as a balanced and unbiased repository of knowledge on key drivers of change. We seek expert feedback and development suggestions from internationally recognised experts in foresight, and we are grateful to regularly exchange viewpoints and receive feedback from our Content Advisory Board.

Board Members

Sohail Inayatullah, PhD
AUSTRALIA representative

Professor at Tamkang University, Taipei (Graduate Institute of Futures Studies) Associate, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast. First UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies. Laurel Award for all-time best futurist by the Shaping Tomorrow Foresight Network. Co-Editor of the Journal of Futures Studies and on the editorial boards of World Future Review, and Foresight.

Karndee Leopairote, PhD
THAILAND, ASIA representative

As a professor who turned into an Innovation Strategy Advisor and Innovation Ecosystem Builder, Leopairote is now serving as the Chief Advisor on Innovation and Foresight at FutureTales Lab, MQDC, and she is a Co-Founder at ICORA Co., Ltd.

John P. Geis, PhD
USA, NORTH-AMERICA representative

Col John P. Geis II, PhD, USAF, retired; Director, Airpower Research Task Force. Former Chief of Research at the Air Force Research Institute and the former director of the Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology (CSAT). Published author on long-range strategic planning, he authored widely read publications, including “Discord or Harmonious Society? China in 2030", "Blue Horizons II: Future Capabilities and Technologies for the Air Force in 2030” and "The Alternative Futures for Air Force 2025".

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