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Our Key Success Factors will help you:

  • Establish an impactful horizon scanning process
  • Adapt to changing environments
  • Disrupt instead of being disrupted
  • Discover the next big opportunities

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This eBook describes how you and your team can become future-oriented. It outlines key steps to help you make plans and decisions that are based on a solid awareness of changes in the world.

The eBook introduces the framework you need for a successful foresight program.


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  1. Foresight Orientation
    Start small but foster a strong Future Orientation in the organization from the beginning.
  2. Foresight Process
    Design and implement Foresight Processes that are integrated with decision making.
  3. Foresight Deliverables
    Design and produce concrete Foresight Deliverables.
  4. Foresight Tool
    Adopt a dedicated Foresight Tool that helps structure the foresight content and enables global sharing of it.
  5. Foresight Resources
    Harness the Resources for maintaining and developing the foresight program.