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Publish your own trend observations onto your radar screen to assess with colleagues

It is now easy for users to add new trends onto their organizations’ own foresight radar view within Futures Platform. Users find that blending their own trend observations with the tool’s existing trend descriptions becomes a uniquely rich collection of foresight. Also, as another option, users can utilize the tool’s available trends information as raw material. It is possible to edit the existing material to include the user’s own points of view. This can make the trend descriptions even more relevant for their organization.

Futures Platform offers further value by providing the voting and discussion tools for team members to cast their votes on which developments are most important and also to add comments on what the developments really mean for their business. Team members can thus effectively work together on the platform to align views and formulate new insights and strategies.

Futures Platform enables new ways to invite colleagues to assess future opportunities and threats

Looking into the future and making sense of the opportunities and threats is typically team work. Hence we have developed Futures Platform into the direction of smooth collaboration. Features that we’ve been working on recently include include tools for team members to send messages to each other directly from Futures Platform. They will soon also be able to attach “snapshots” of selected trends they wish their colleagues to pay attention to. This is an easy way to kick start a discussion with colleagues about a critical new development on the horizon.

Foresight as a continuous activity

All our recent development work serves to help the users of Futures Platform make it a continuous activity to discover new opportunities and avoid potential threats together, working as a team with a shared view of the future. Get your free trial of Futures Platform here!

To start off, we heard the participants’ own experiences from the challenges that the future brings along. The topics that were raised covered a wide range: From the impact of digitalization on everyone’s business to understanding the complexity of modern networks, where the same players may be competitors on one front and partners on another. Startups were also mentioned in the context of them typically being indicators of a change coming; startups are the first ones to spot an unsatisfied market need.

Taking ownership of one’s future

Future foresight work as a discipline was also briefly discussed. The starting point here is ownership of the activity; While foresight work may be assisted by external consultants, every company needs to maintain the ownership of the actual work in-house to control its own destiny. Another key thing is continuity: Change is faster than ever and occasional one-off future studies hardly help the company to maintain an accurate and evolving picture of its future.

Cases Martela and Kemppi: Beyond product business with the help of future foresight

Panu Muhonen, Offering Director of the workplace furniture specialist Martela Oyj told the audience that the company actually no longer describes itself as a ”furniture manufacturer” but instead a partner for companies in developing better work environments. This is a direct result from looking systematically into the future, analyzing trends and drivers and making decisions on what business the company wants to be in in the future. The work hasn’t gone unnoticed: Muhonen mentioned that customers increasingly describe Martela as their partner for developing the entire working environment. And on the cooperation front they nowadays get contacted by parties that would never have approached a mere furniture manufacturer.

Teresa Kemppi-Vasama, Chairman of the Board of the pioneering company in welding Kemppi Oy, described one of the purposes of their future foresight work by saying that the leaders of their customer organizations are typically not overly interested in discussing – welding. Instead, they appreciate the welding vendor’s ability to discuss the future of materials, technologies, strategic things that matter to them. Without staying constantly on top of where the customer industries and technology trends are headed, it’s impossible to lead such discussion and form a strategic relationship with the customers. Naturally understanding the future trends is also important for Kemppi internally. How will for instance the development of 3D printing impact the need for welding?

How to make connections between trends?

Towards the end of the breakfast event, we saw a brief demo of the Futures Platform tool. A question was raised from the audience as to how to best ”connect the dots”, i.e. find relationships and perhaps causalities between different trends and phenomena. In Futures Platform, trends are contextual to begin with, in that each phenomenon belongs under a megatrend and potentially a trends group in between. This alone helps bring structure to the otherwise messy picture of the organization’s future. On top of this natural hierarchy in the tool, the users may consider forming clusters of interrelated phenomena and analyzing them together from the own business’ perspective. And of course since future is uncertain by definition, it makes sense to look for the forces that may have gone unnoticed previously: Do we spot something on the map that may impact our business but we just haven’t realized it yet?

Marianna holds a Master’s degree from the Turku School of Economics where she concentrated specifically on Futures Studies. The Master’s program in Future Studies produces foresight experts capable of helping organizations to harness future opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks. Professionals who have completed the foresight program are equipped with a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking in today’s organizations.

”The traditional way of doing foresight work in companies tends to be very project-oriented”, says Juho Lipsanen, angel investor and advisor to Futures Platform. “Companies may have assigned a trends analysis project to support their strategic planning round, yet once the plans are complete, the trends analysis stays on the shelf collecting dust. It’s just that the pace of change currently taking place anywhere one looks is so fast that organizations should have their future radar constantly on. Futures Platform is an inspiring tool for making strategic planning future-oriented, in a continuous fashion. It also saves time as the users will avoid starting from scratch each time there’s a need to assess future trends” Lipsanen continues.

”Futures Platform is a modern foresight tool developed by seasoned entrepreneurs (Global Intelligence Alliance, Alternative Futures), and it has already helped many organizations build their own, continuously updated view of the future opportunities and risks”, says Ville Vanhala, CEO and co-founder of Futures Platform. ”That an organization has the future trends under radar naturally won’t guarantee success in itself, however a shared and up-to-date view of the future does help organizations make educated decisions and seize opportunities as frontrunners”, Vanhala says.

”From an investor’s point of view, the experienced team is what’s particularly interesting in this company”, says Leif Backman, Senior Partner at Takeoff Partners that took part in the financing round. ”These entrepreneurs have strong experience from not only strategic foresight work and the related tools, but also from successfully taking these type of services global.”

The group of angel investors participating in the financing round consists of Takeoff Partners, Gorilla Ventures, Juho Lipsanen, Matti Lapinleimu, Kalle Katevuo, Antti Kemppainen and Tapio Talvisalo. In addition, Tekes has granted the company a loan to further develop its innovative foresight tool.

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