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”The traditional way of doing foresight work in companies tends to be very project-oriented”, says Juho Lipsanen, angel investor and advisor to Futures Platform. “Companies may have assigned a trends analysis project to support their strategic planning round, yet once the plans are complete, the trends analysis stays on the shelf collecting dust. It’s just that the pace of change currently taking place anywhere one looks is so fast that organizations should have their future radar constantly on. Futures Platform is an inspiring tool for making strategic planning future-oriented, in a continuous fashion. It also saves time as the users will avoid starting from scratch each time there’s a need to assess future trends” Lipsanen continues.

”Futures Platform is a modern foresight tool developed by seasoned entrepreneurs (Global Intelligence Alliance, Alternative Futures), and it has already helped many organizations build their own, continuously updated view of the future opportunities and risks”, says Ville Vanhala, CEO and co-founder of Futures Platform. ”That an organization has the future trends under radar naturally won’t guarantee success in itself, however a shared and up-to-date view of the future does help organizations make educated decisions and seize opportunities as frontrunners”, Vanhala says.

”From an investor’s point of view, the experienced team is what’s particularly interesting in this company”, says Leif Backman, Senior Partner at Takeoff Partners that took part in the financing round. ”These entrepreneurs have strong experience from not only strategic foresight work and the related tools, but also from successfully taking these type of services global.”

The group of angel investors participating in the financing round consists of Takeoff Partners, Gorilla Ventures, Juho Lipsanen, Matti Lapinleimu, Kalle Katevuo, Antti Kemppainen and Tapio Talvisalo. In addition, Tekes has granted the company a loan to further develop its innovative foresight tool.

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”I am excited to have the opportunity to build up and lead the sales and customer functions for a newborn global company, and at the same time take part in creating an international success story. In this role I have the chance to fully utilize my sales management and leadership skills, as well as plan and build up efficient sales, customer and partner models for Futures Platform. It’s really inspiring to enable the strategic intelligence and insight work for any organization, public or private, in order for them to make the right choices for their future success”, Saku says.