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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program lists the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Finland based on revenue growth over the last four years (2016-2019). The program encompasses all technology sectors, including software, hardware, communications, media, and life sciences. 

Ville Vanhala, CEO of Futures Platform, says: “At Futures Platform we’re proud to be among the fastest growing technology companies. It shows that our foresight solution to help organisations deal with the possibilities and uncertainty of the future is well received in the market. There is an enormous demand for strategic foresight worldwide as the need to understand change increases in a rapidly transforming world. Customer organisations around the globe have adopted Futures Platform as the tool to help them navigate the future.”

Futures Platform is a trusted digital solution for collaborative foresight work among leading organisations worldwide. With a fast-growing database of 700+ future trends and interactive foresight radars, Futures Platform's hybrid solution has helped hundreds of teams across the world to future-proof decision-making.

Futures Platform’s diverse customer base includes international organisations and corporations such as Fiskars, DTGO, European Commission, the Finnish National Agency for Education, Cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Turku, as well as universities such as IESE Business School in Barcelona.

“We thank all our customers who have come on board during these past few years, it is a joy to travel into the future together. And I am delighted to say our talented team at Futures Platform is doing excellent work to enable organisations to explore and shape the future,”  Ville adds.


Details on Deloitte Finland’s Technology Fast 50 list can be found here.

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Slingshot Group, Thailand’s top leadership and organizational development firm, has partnered with Futures Platform based in Finland, to develop a comprehensive view of what the future after COVID-19 will look like in Thailand. The Futures Platform tool is developed in Finland by futurists. The Thailand-specific trends in this project were identified by over 300 top executives from leading Thai corporations via an online survey.

Mr. Apiwut Pimolsaengsuriya, Founder of Slingshot Group, reveals the top 10 phenomena that will occur in Thailand post-COVID-19 based on the survey.

  1. Teaching & Learning 2.0 – Traditional teaching and learning methods that involve memorization and black and white answers will become obsolete. A new way of learning that involves greater use of technology and learning through friends, family, the environment, and self-reflection will take its place.
  2. Online Stores – Buying and selling through online channels will grow exponentially.
  3. Telepresence – Meeting without ‘meeting’ will become more popular in all aspects from online business conferences to virtual doctor visits.
  4. Need for the Culture of Preparation – Developing crisis-proof business plans such as a strong BCP (Business Continuity Plan) will become part of corporate cultures.
  5. The collapse of World Economy – Economies around the world will go into depression and some may not bounce back.
  6. Industrial Revolution 4.0 – We are on the brink of another industrial revolution as technologies such as robotics, AI, Internet of Things, biotechnology, and big data becomes an integral part of production processes. 
  7. Platform Economy – Platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay will see exponential growth as a result of the increase in demand for ‘middleman’ services.
  8. Nature and Food as Remedies – Wellness will become the main concern in many people’s lives as they look to food and nature to stay physically and mentally healthy.
  9. Retail in brick & mortar stores – Traditional offline retail stores will still exist but focus more on creating a shopping experience for consumers rather than just selling services or products. Physical stores will serve as online storefronts and as we move forward, the separation between online and offline stores will fade.
  10. Geopolitical impacts – Political power will shift geographically as China becomes more influential while America and Europe start to lose their positions as the leading political figures. The separation between the East and the West will fade as countries start to form small groups or trading blocs based on geographic location and political standing.

Mr. Apiwut shared additional findings from interviews with top executives from 55 organizations in Thailand, which revealed that most corporations shared a view that their current strategies will not allow them to remain competitive post COVID-19.

Interviews were conducted through Facebook Live over a span of 6 weeks during the strict lock-down period (Mid March - End April) on a Slingshot’s Facebook closed group (literally translates to) “Leaders Uniting to Become Stronger”. Top executives saw this time as an opportunity to adjust or change their corporate strategies to better deal with the situation at hand by utilizing the phenomena provided above to create new strategies and to make important decisions about the direction of their organizations.

Companies in the program are expected to have a scalable business model and the opportunity for fast growth in international markets. It is also required to have a clear plan to grow in international markets, and the capacity to implement the plan. Furthermore, young innovative companies shall have a competitive edge with which it is possible to attain an important market position,  a committed and competent management team and the ability to attract venture capital. 
Ville Vanhala, CEO Futures Platform comments “We are proud to be identified as a young, innovative, company that meets these expectations and our team at Futures Platform is thrilled about the expanded possibilities to take our leading foresight solution to customer organizations around the world.”
Futures Platform is a trusted solution for future foresight work among leading organizations worldwide. The customer base is split between consulting companies, public organizations, educational institutions and large corporations. Public references include international corporations such as Fiskars, DTGO, public sector organizations European Commission, the Finnish National Agency for Education, Cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Turku, as well as universities such as IESE Business School in Barcelona, ranked by Financial Times as a leader in executive education.  
“We are grateful for Business Finland’s support during the early stages of our company’s journey in bringing our innovative foresight solution to the market. The cooperation with Business Finland has been helpful not only in terms of funding but also as providing us valuable advice for R&D and growth plans and encouraging us to set challenging targets for taking the company to international markets.” Ville adds.
The maximum amount of Business Finland’s Young Innovative Companies funding amounts to €1.25 million, of which a maximum of €500,000 may be funded as a grant and €750,000 as a loan.

Details about the Business Finland’s Young Innovative Companies program can be found HERE

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“With the latest version of Futures Platform, everyone can explore our full collection of concise summaries that describe future phenomena. It’s possible to browse the entire collection in both the free version and the full version of Futures Platform. Our professional futurist team has produced hundreds of future phenomena descriptions and the range of topics we cover is constantly expanding. It is a unique resource for horizon scanning related to any topic.”

“It’s also a powerful tool to create scenarios efficiently: a variety of future trends and phenomena can be brought to a 360-degree visual view of the short, medium and long term futures. Futures Platform makes it fast to generate a radar screen displaying key future phenomena connected to any topic you are working with. The full version of Futures Platform allows users to do their fully customized foresight radars. A team or an audience of any size can be invited to work on the same radar screen.”

“But it doesn’t stop there. You need to monitor the latest signals about how the trends and future phenomena will evolve. Futures Platform’s Disruptor Alerts keep users informed of the latest news related to disruptive changes across industries and topics. This service element is now included in the free and full versions of Futures Platform. Disruptor Alerts deliver the latest futurist-picked headlines by email and they are also displayed when logging in and entering the Futures Platform Lounge, the new starting page. The Lounge also notifies the user about which new future phenomena have been most recently added into the Futures Platform database.”


New features to ignite collaboration across the organization

In May 2019, Futures Platform announced that it had, in its most recent financing round, secured EUR 1M in funding for product development. The features released now are the latest in a series of new developments in the Futures Platform product.

Before this new release, Futures Platform recently introduced new functionality that makes it easy for anyone acting as a coordinator to invite groups of users to work together on future-oriented topics. From its initial versions, Futures Platform has always been a popular tool to enable and ignite collaboration across silos in organizations and even across organizational boundaries to create a shared understanding of the future. Customers include large corporations, public sector organizations, associations, international NGOs and consultancies.

The full version of the Futures Platform foresight tool is accessible for FREE by signing up to a 15-day trial. More information about the trial can be found here.

Contact Information

Trey Tran

Marketing Specialist, Futures Platform
Phone (Europe): +358 10 3257070

Futures Platform is a tool for both individuals and groups to learn and develop. Piia Wollstén, Development Manager and Business Architect for the City of Espoo, talks about her experience:

“The tool has been used, for example, in the early stages of various projects to identify future challenges that need to be considered when developing services and operations. The tool can help form a shared understanding of future changes in the operational environment. It is an excellent tool for developing the City as a Service model, in which it is important to find new roles for the city for building a sustainable future in a cost-effective way.”

Futures Platform is intended to be used to enhance collaboration between city units in their operations. The idea is to utilize the future foresight in areas such as strategic development, service development, education development in Education and Cultural Services, school boards in primary schools, secondary schools, and upper secondary schools, and especially in learning with pupils of different ages.

Otaniemi general upper secondary school is one of the schools participating in the pilot. They are already looking forward to trying out Futures Platform. Teacher Aki Saariaho explains enthusiastically:

We took the participants of our Artificial Intelligence course (2 teachers, 11 students), which is part of our theme studies, to see a presentation of Futures Platform. The students were impressed, they saw the Platform as an important tool for developing foresight and developing their knowledge around areas covered by compulsory subjects. For example, science, technology, languages and cultures, and human development. Futures Platform can also be used in many kinds of pedagogical methods (…) I see a lot of potential in Futures Platform as an in-depth teaching tool to use with students in group work and independent study.”

Otaniemi general upper secondary school Principal Sinikka Luoma-Mattila continues:

“Curriculum work begins in upper secondary schools, and it is important to have a vision into the future. This tool gives us a huge digital “library” of future phenomena, and at the same time, a tool that can be used for dialogue and understanding what to consider in planning. When it comes to management, Futures Platform can provide a refreshing bird’s-eye view of everyday life. It is important to check where the modern school is headed. In addition, we are particularly interested in cooperation and utilization of swarm intelligence with the various operators in the city who will deploy Futures Platform.”

About FuturesPlatform.com

Futures Platform
is a leading tool for foresight work, planning and learning, easily accessible through a web browser. Futures Platform makes it easy to build holistic, visual perspectives of the future. The tool enables exploration into the future, sharing of information, the selection of key phenomena, as well as the evaluation of future phenomena, weak signals and wild cards, and of course discussions of the future. You can create radars for different themes and get a summary of future trends that affect the things you are working on. Futures Platform makes it easy to invite a group of any size to exchange ideas about the future, and you can use the tool in workshops with a team as well as online.

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Contact Information

Contact person for the City of Espoo:

Piia Wollstén, Development Manager and Business Architect

Contact person regarding content and facilitation of Futures Platform:

Jari Koskinen, Consulting Director
+358 45 604 9881

Contact person regarding Futures Platform as a company:

Ville Vanhala, CEO
+358 40 764 8511

Dr Tuomo Kuosa has been nominated as an appointed member of a working committee to develop the framework and criteria of a Future Readiness Award.

The award, as stated by the APO, aims to "recognize the most outstanding future-ready organizations in member countries and to enhance APO visibility as a leading future-oriented productivity organization."

The working committee will consist of leading futurists and foresight experts around the world. Dr Njeri Mwagiru from the Institute for Futures Research, Jacob Vastrup - Principal Consultant at KPMG, and Anita Sykes-Kelleher from Design Futures are some of the members of the committee.


About APO

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established on 11 May 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organization. The APO is nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondiscriminatory. Its mission is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Asia and the Pacific through enhancing productivity. Find more information about APO here

About FuturesPlatform.com

FuturesPlatform TM future radar is the most comprehensive foresight tool that helps you identify relevant trends, redefine your strategy, and shape your future for years to come. The company, founded in 2016, announced that it had secured EUR 1 Million in financing.  

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The funding will be used for Research & Development focusing on the next generation of the Futures Platform product. The round included an R&D loan from Business Finland as well as equity financing.

You can read the full news release here.

Speculative Futures is an international community of meetups focused on Speculative & Critical Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategy & Foresight. Futures Platform presented at the Primer conference, organized by Speculative Futures, last year in San Francisco.

The theme of the workshop in May: Trend Aggregation for Design Experience the power of a digital tool to enhance collaborative foresight work in the context of mapping future change and innovating new concepts.

During this workshop, we will explore Futures Platform, a new foresight tool to help with trend aggregation by utilizing it during a short futures workshop to create a scenario or artefact from the future.

As a result of the workshop participants will have an experience of how holistic mapping of change opens up thinking to include a broad view of societal change, and how a structured, collaborative process to assess the key changes can help identify new innovation opportunities. Participants will also experience how a digital foresight tool can aid in the process of strategic foresight and innovation.

More information about the workshop can be found here at: https://www.meetup.com/SF-Critical-Design-Speculative-Futures/events/259909890/

The Honduran Institute for Science, Technology (IHCIETI) has invited Futures Platform’s Dr Tuomo Kuosa to present at its large scale event focusing on foresight in Science, Technology and Innovation.

Honducamp 2019 includes Foresight as the main topic and Dr Tuomo Kuosa has been invited by IHCIETI as a speaker and workshop facilitator.

On April 26th, Tuomo will deliver two keynote presentations at the conference. His first presentation will examine the benefits of strategic foresight and how organizations utilize foresight to navigate in a rapidly changing world. Tuomo’s second presentation at the conference will share insights on the topic of Horizon Scanning as an emerging business area - Case startup SaaS company Futures Platform.

On April 27th, Tuomo will facilitate a workshop: Identity the biggest discontinuities and emerging market opportunities in any target industry. Participants have the possibility to utilize the collaborative foresight tool Futures Platform as part of the activities during the work shop.

Honducamp.tech is a large scale event focusing on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) which gathers thousands of young people and experts from around the world to share experiences and knowledge related to STI, entrepreneurship and creativity through conferences, competitions and other activities. The event is going to take place on April 26th and 27th, 2019.

Futures Platform is kicking off a month-long campaign that advocates collaboration and open dialogues in creating a shared understanding of the future. The campaign will begin on March 1st as we introduce our Future Disruptors radar, a new project where everyone can participate and create a new future trends radar together.

On March 11th, we are going to host a 45-minute webinar at 4 PM EET with our foresight experts, Dr Tuomo Kuosa (Content Director and author of the book "The Evolution of Strategic Foresight") and Mr Saku Koskinen (Foresight Adviser). In the webinar, our hosts will discuss the trends presented on the Future Disruptors radar and their impacts on the future. You can register for the webinar here.

We will update the process of creating the radar in our user newsletters. Keep exploring the future!

About FuturesPlatform.com

FuturesPlatform TM future radar is the most comprehensive foresight tool that helps you identify relevant trends, redefine your strategy, and shape your future for years to come. The company, founded in 2016, closed half a million euro equity round in December 2017. Sign up to use the free radars or look up our pricing plans here.