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Remain on the cutting edge of disruptive developments across every industry and engage your clients in foresight workshops with
user-friendly collaboration features. Futures Platform helps you streamline your horizon scanning, research and innovation management activities,
so that you can focus on solving the toughest problems for your clients.

A powerful tool for working with clients - but also to boost sales

When The Lab of Business Disruption Research at the Turku School of Economics works on the future of a particular industry, they often use Futures Platform as a conversation starter, to provide structure to the workshops and to help both the experts and their clients to quickly gain an understanding of the most recent developments in the industry.

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Renewed strategy formed together with Talent Vectia

Talent Vectia, together with Futures Platform, carried out an extensive strategy process for the Association of Finnish Technical Traders (TKL). The aim was to gain a comprehensive overview of the driving forces in the environment, how they affect the member companies and their customers, and how to use this insight as the basis of the strategy work.

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”The discussions were exceptionally productive and captivating. At the same time, they continuously encouraged the participants to think about the strategy of the company.”

Markku Hämäläinen

Group CEO of Oy Otto Brandt Ab

Help your clients stay ahead with strategic foresight

FUTURES PLATFORM™ is a world-class solution offering a proven way to explore future trends and drivers of change to identify opportunities and risks. Stay ahead with AI-powered future content crafted and updated by our futurists.

Foresight work can be easy and fast with visualised trend radars including megatrends, weak signals and wild cards across industries globally for a holistic 360° view of the future.

Validate your research by tapping into more than 700 key trends and emerging drivers of change, and over 30 ready-built future views of broader topics curated by futurists.

Collect insights with the built-in collaboration tools both in projects and in continuous client programs.

Identify strategic opportunities and risks and developments by receiving early alerts from numerous futurist-picked, verified and trusted news sources globally.

Foresight radar

7 reasons why Futures Platform is the leading foresight tool for consultants

  1. Our futurists are here to help you to understand the future: Are you interested in understanding future changes and their implications in a more fundamental way? Perhaps you are interested in creating scenarios and in the lookout for the perfect tool and partner to support you in that? Or maybe you don’t want to miss out on any emerging trends because you'd rather not be caught off guard? With Futures Platform, you are covered for all that and much more.
  2. Complement innovation and strategy consulting with foresight: Foresight empowers you with an ability to collect and analyse relevant content for the future in a more structured way to support any decision-making or process design. The more informed we are, the more confidently we are able to make decisions. Boost your client projects with foresight to facilitate high-quality discussions about the future in any meeting or workshop, or back your findings with recent research.
  3. Monitor change systematically: The Futures Platform digital foresight solution can support your early warning system by providing you with access to an updating database of future changes. Our academically trained foresight analysts, supported by smart, AI-powered technology, monitor all industries globally to provide you with the latest developments. Our experienced team of foresight professionals will also be there to support you in your foresight activities – regardless of whether you are just getting familiarised with foresight or if you are a foresight expert.
  4. The foresight community for consulting firms: Being a Futures Platform client means being also part of a Foresight Community of foresight professionals around the world. You can contribute and collaborate to provide insights, or simply reap the benefits of the best practices shared within our network.
  5. The fastest way to create understanding (and reports!) of the future: Dive into hundreds of future changes and views of the world. Are you interested in knowing what the drivers of change are in energy, logistics or in banking & finance? How does the future of consumer behaviour or sustainability look like? What about the future of work; are you interested in knowing how our workplaces change? You can find futurist research on these and many more topics in the Futures Platform digital foresight solution.
  6. A centralised place to store your future-related analyses and ideas: Say goodbye to sheets and documents of future-related information scattered in drives and computers! Bring your organisation's findings and data into one, centralised future database. It is fast and easy to use, and complemented with the findings of Futures Platform futurists.
  7. Enjoy a constantly developing foresight platform: Our team of technology developers are continuously enhancing the platform and its functionalities. We are also adding more and more AI functionalities to the platform to make it the most sophisticated and flexible foresight solution on the market.

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