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Co-Living Matches Made in Heaven?

Services Suggest Roommates for Home Sharing

March 22, 2017, Marianna Mäki-Teeri

Finding new friends and partners on-line is already very common, but have you considered searching for a roommate for co-living? Co-living match does not need to be made in heaven, when instead, an algorithm will sort it out while you share enough of your personal details on a co-living service, the number of which is growing.

Finding a roommate is a necessity for many people for financial reasons such as students, but there are also other adults who prefer co-living solutions for their social benefits, such as a sense of security, companionship or community.

According Business Insider, the demand for rooms in diverse types of living communities is high, and especially the millenials are even willing to pay premium for it. It’s not only younger generations who are into sharing homes, however. Silvernest, a roommate matching service for baby boomers and empty nesters, was launch for just over a year ago. It has already been able to attract over 10,000 people to sign up and has steadily continued its fast growth, as reported by PYMNTS.

Finding an ideal roommate isn’t always an easy task as many people who have shared a flat can witness. Many living habits are somewhat embarrassing to ask about when face to face, but answering on-line to questions like “Do you clean the toilet seat after you have used it” or “Do you snore” can be replied to without being overtly embarrassed. Users of these services will reveal private consumer information, which makes it worthwhile to check the EULA of any free service, whether the data is shared with third parties.

If effective and smart services can provide easy and secure ways to find roommate matches, it’s a compelling idea to consider could it encourage more people to choose co-living. If it becomes a larger trend, co-living may also spark the growth of other sharing economies, and reshape real estate markets. 


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