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Anticipating futures has become utmost important for all organisations that want to find their paths towards a successful and sustainable future. Futures Platform is the #1 platform to play with future data. See below: which one is your way?
Grow Your Consulting Business with Foresight

Consult your clients with foresight to support strategic planning, risk management, innovation and R&D.

The #1 Solution For Corporate Foresight

Boost your corporate foresight activities with an AI-driven foresight solution.

Future-Readiness For Education

Apply futures thinking to your education work with AI-driven foresight and trusted content created by futurists.

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FUTURES PLATFORM™ is a proven world-class solution to explore future trends and drivers of change to identify opportunities and risks. Stay ahead with AI-powered future content crafted and updated by futurists.
  • Easily start foresight work with visualised trend radars and digital reports across all industries globally for a holistic 360° view of the future.

  • Proof and validate your research by tapping into more than 700 key trends and emerging drivers of change placed in context and on a timeline to see the highest point of impact.

  • Identify strategic opportunities and risks together with your client both in projects and in continuous programs.

  • Spot the latest emerging issues and developments by following our early warning alerts and news feed from over 150 million sources globally.

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1 - Understand the future better thanks to the work of futurists

Are you interested to understand the future changes and the implications of them more thoroughly? Perhaps you are interested to create future scenarios? With Futures Platform you’ve got them all covered, and much more.

2 - Complement your activities with foresight

Foresight gives you an ability to collect and analyse relevant content of the future in a more structured way to support any decision. The more informed we are, the more confident decisions we are able to make. Boost any activity with foresight to ensure high-quality discussions about the future in any meeting, workshop or class.

3 - Monitor change systematically

Futures Platform’s digital foresight solution can support your early warning system by providing you access to an updating database of future changes. Our academically trained foresight analysts, supported by an intelligent AI-powered technology, monitor all industries globally to provide you with the latest developments. The experienced team of foresight professionals will also support you in your foresight activities – no matter if you are just getting familiarized with foresight, or if you are an experienced foresight expert.

4 - The foresight community

Being a Futures Platform’s client means being also a part of a Foresight Community of foresight professionals around the world. You can contribute and collaborate to provide insights, or simply enjoy the best practices shared within our network.

5 - The fastest way to create understanding (and reports!) of the future

Dive into over 700 future changes and ready-built future views of the world. You can find futurists' research about these topics, and many more, in Futures Platform's digital foresight solution.

6 - A centralized place to store your future-related analysis and ideas

Say goodbye to sheets and documents of future-related information shattered in drives and computers! Bring your organisations findings and data into one, centralized future database, which is fast and easy to use, and complemented with futurists’ findings.

7 - Enjoy a constantly developing foresight platform

Our team of technology developers are continuously developing the platform and its functionalities. We are also adding more and more AI functionalities to the platform to make it the most sophisticated and flexible foresight solution on the market.


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