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To ensure future-proof decision-making, organisations must anticipate change and be able to imagine the potential and plausible futures. Futures intelligence is about providing insights to different functions of an organisation in order to support strategy, planning, innovation and R&D, as well as broadening our minds on what the future might hold for us.

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Our team of experts continuously monitor the global landscape across all industries to detect which trends and phenomena might have an impact on your future. Our database of future changes and developments is regularly updated so that you and your team can receive reliable information every day of the year.

With the Futures Platform interactive foresight radars, you can visualise alternative futures and collaborate with your team and other stakeholders in online sessions or workshops. Collect signals from your stakeholders with the crowdsourcing feature, co-create shared views of desirable futures with interactive radars, and use voting and rating tools to prioritise your work.

The dynamic content within our tool is backed up with AI-powered, continuously updating news feeds. This unique offering of futures intelligence is accessible in a visualised format on our foresight solution and trusted by thousands of decision-makers around the world.


Anticipating the future is neither magic nor the privilege of a few. Everyone can, and should, learn foresight to ensure that they take the future into account in all of their decision-making.

Our experienced team of futurists and foresight experts is there empower our clients with foresight best practices used to support innovation, risk management, strategy, decision-making and more.

In addition to accessing foresight best practices, Futures Platform users can access our exclusive community of future-minded professionals to share insights and suggestions as well as to network with others working in the field. Moreover, our clients get to discuss with the Futures Platform futurists four times a year during our interactive Futures Clinic sessions.

”Futures Platform’s digital foresight solution is a clear and thorough tool for mapping the future and stimulating future debate. The platform has enabled discussion with the board of directors and management teams, and has served as a good platform for collaboration.”

Pia Rautakorpi
Customer Value Innovator, Board Member, Enterprise Designer
Arvova Oy / Ltd

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