The dynamic foresight tool

Futures Platform™ is a web-based strategic foresight tool that helps you and your team make your plans future proof. Futures Platform's trend radar visualizes which trends and megatrends will shape your future. You can tap into articles and videos on future topics curated by future foresight experts. You can blend in your own insights and assess future trends together. You make sure your plans and activities are in sync with how the world is changing.


The fastest and easiest way to build your view of the future!


Benefits of using Futures Platform

You bring the future into your plans and discussions:

  • Understand how future trends will impact the initiatives you are working on
  • Broaden future awareness in your team
  • Start conversations across departments and silos and build a shared view of the future
  • Boost your thought leadership with foresight
  • Enrich your dialogs with customers and partners
  • Discover new growth opportunities together
  • Make sure you are not investing time and money into things that are not important in the future

See how users have gained value by using Futures Platform: References

Team working with Futures Platform

How to work with it

Futures Platform helps you map out and evaluate future trends in a visual fashion.

You can use Futures Platform on your own and you can use it in workshops with a team. You can also use it online over time, with participants contributing from different locations and time zones.

Team working with Futures Platform

Five simple steps to work with Futures Platform:

  1. Sign in and set up a custom foresight radar for your team or project.
  2. Select key trends that will have impact on the initiatives you are working on.
  3. Engage your team: Your own insights will make Futures Platform™ unique.
  4. Assess together the key opportunities and risks.
  5. Draw conclusions and make educated decisions.

Once your radar is in place you will operate on a new level of future awareness. You will implement actions inspired by future foresight and you can continue to monitor the key trends that will impact you. Revisit your future radar on a regular basis and evaluate latest developments. It’s easy to update your project’s foresight radar view as key trends develop further or new drivers of change emerge.