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FUTURES PLATFORM is a proven online solution to explore future trends and drivers of change to identify opportunities and risks to support your strategy development, risk management, innovation and R&D, and other situations where validated future content is needed. Access a new era of future knowledge with AI-driven foresight and trusted content crafted and updated by futurists.

Futures Platform™ is an online foresight solution that helps you and your team make your plans future-proof.


Futures Platform is designed to help you see the future together

Futures Platform's team of futurists and foresight researchers continuously monitor all industries globally to detect which trends and phenomena might have an impact on your future, so you can stay up-to-date on emerging changes (read more about how our content is produced here). The future content is visualised on our AI-powered foresight solution.


With Futures Platform, organisations can now independently create and discuss their future scenarios based on up-to-date future content and news curated and updated by futurists. The solution also enables organisations to collaborate with the team as well as other stakeholders, and create their own future views for strategic planning, product and service innovation, marketing development and for many other use cases.


Foresight should be a continuous activity since the world is in a constant state of change - make sure your plans and activities are in sync with how the world is changing. 

   Trend cards & news                    The radar view                       Adaptable content                    Collaborative tools


Trend cards & news

Future content: Trends, phenomena, weak signals and wild cards curated and updated by a team of futurists
Validated database: Enables you to look into details of interesting trends from a trusted source

Compact summaries: Access summaries of broader topics for a bigger picture
Content across industries: Usually the most disruptive changes comes outside of your own industry
Daily updating news: Newsfeed on phenomena so you can stay updated on the latest developments from the world


The radar view

Radar:  See all aspects of change and the connections between them

Digital radar reports:  Access digital radar reports created by futurists to see what is impactful in your domain

Create your own radars: Create a future radar for your industry, for risk management, for innovation - or for any use case


Adaptable content

All-in-one database: Add your own signals, trends and insights into your workspace
Content:  Adjust the content on the platform to fit your needs
Radars:  Select a futurist-created radar that is relevant for your projects to start editing it

Collaborative tools

Online solution: People in your team can login and participate anywhere

Voting: Prioritise trends for decision-making

Rating: Enable further analysis of key trends and assess them in a 2-by-2 matrix

Commenting: Collect insights from participants and encourages to future dialogs

Crowdsourcing: Collect signals into the platform from your employees, customer or external experts

Trends and content

  • Tap into more than 700 key trends and emerging drivers of change. The content database is produced by futurists and foresight experts.
  • Set up your foresight radar with a selection of trends that are relevant for the topic at hand.
  • You can also add your own content and create a private collection of content to use on your radars.
Trend cards
More than 700 trends and growing - add your own trends and phenomena











Engage the team and stakeholders

The collaborative functionalities support refining the future view together. Make well informed conclusions based on the discussions and insights.

  • Use voting to prioritise key trends for in-depth discussion
  • Use rating to further assess the prioritised key opportunities and risks
  • Use commenting to collect points of view from participants

Collaboration tools


















Rating tool for a tangible output

The axes and corners of the 2 x 2 table are fully customisable to match with the questions your workshop / project is going to address. 

For example, the X axis in the picture above could be Alignment with company strategy and Y axis could be Fit with current capabilities.

Rating results













Benefits of using Futures Platform

  • Understand how future trends will impact the initiatives you are working on
  • Broaden future awareness in your team
  • Start conversations across departments and silos and build a shared view of the future
  • Boost your thought leadership with foresight
  • Enrich your dialogs with customers and partners
  • Discover new growth opportunities together
  • Make sure you are not investing time and money into things that are not important in the future

See how users have gained value by using Futures Platform: References











How to work with the solution

Futures Platform helps you map out and evaluate future trends in a visual fashion.

You can use Futures Platform on your own and you can use it in workshops with a team. You can also use it online over time, with participants contributing from different locations and time zones.

Five simple steps to work with Futures Platform:

  1. Sign in and set up a custom foresight radar for your team or project.
  2. Select key trends that will have impact on the initiatives you are working on.
  3. Engage your team: Your own insights will make Futures Platform™ unique.
  4. Assess together the key opportunities and risks.
  5. Draw conclusions and make educated decisions.

Once your radar is in place you will operate on a new level of future awareness. You will implement actions inspired by future foresight and you can continue to monitor the key trends that will impact you. Revisit your future radar on a regular basis and evaluate latest developments. It’s easy to update your project’s foresight radar view as key trends develop further or new drivers of change emerge.




We are beside you with every step

Our team of experts are more than happy to help you with getting started with future foresight work or to facilitate a workshop for your team. Our services are fully customisable to your needs. Get started with our free trial and we will be in touch with you!