3 Actions You Can Take To Build A Continuous Foresight Program

The new version of Futures Platform supports you in the key steps of foresight work

September 20, 2019, Ville Vanhala

Detect trends and emerging issues, co-create a 360-view of the future together with your team, and track the signs of change are 3 actions you can take right now to build a continuous foresight program.

You will have the big picture you need to make the right decisions, whether it is incremental adjustments to this year’s plans or the larger investment decision that will affect your organization’s room to manoeuvre for the next decade and beyond.


Seeing the full spectrum of future possibilities and monitoring the signals of change have always been at the core of what we strive to enable with Futures Platform. With the latest version of the collaborative tool, we make this increasingly efficient and engaging to do in a continuous manner.



Do you scan the horizon to detect emerging phenomena that may impact your plans or foresight work?

It is indeed one of the key activities of foresight. The broader your perspective, the better.

You will be equipped with a solid awareness of what is likely to change in terms of social, technological, economic, environmental, or political developments. And there are, of course, many other ways to structure your future view besides the classic STEEP categorization for future trends and emerging issues.

With the latest version of Futures Platform foresight tool, everyone can explore our full collection of concise summaries that describe future phenomena. You can browse the entire collection in both the free version and the full version of Futures Platform.

Futures Platform-Phenomena View










Our futurist team has produced hundreds of future phenomena descriptions into our database. It is a unique resource for horizon scanning related to any topic.

And the AI-powered search will help you discover exactly the future phenomena that connect with your search topics.



Besides exploring trends one by one, do you need to see the bigger picture?

We are convinced that the bigger picture helps make sense of the changes in sight. A holistic view of the future, or preferably, seeing alternative futures, makes it insightful to discuss the individual trends and phenomena in a specific context.

Seeing a variety of future phenomena in a 360-degree radar on the future is a powerful way of doing that. It enables making observations about connections, cross-impacts, and one thing leading to the next.

There is also the power of teamwork. If you observe the future on your own, you are at risk of not seeing the full spectrum of opportunities and risks that may emerge.

Bringing your team and stakeholders together to discuss what lies ahead will always enrich the interpretations of how events may unfold in the future.

Futures Platform makes it fast to generate a radar screen displaying key future phenomena connected to any topic you are working with. The free version lets you take a look at several example radars. The full version of Futures Platform allows you to do your fully customized foresight radars.

Plus, you can invite your team or an audience of any size to work with you on the same radar screen.


Do you need to be agile, monitor change and adjust plans if the world evolves in a way you might not have envisioned?

In the VUCA world, everything is likely to turn out to be somewhat different than expected, even when you are ready for alternative futures.

It’s more important than ever to track signals of change to foresee evolution in topics that are the building blocks of your future.

Futures Platform’s Disruptor Alerts keep you informed of the latest news related to disruptive changes across industries and topics. This service element is now included in the free and full versions of Futures Platform.

Disruptor Alerts will deliver the latest futurist-picked headlines into your email and they are also displayed to you when logging in and entering the Futures Platform Lounge, the new starting page.


Disruptor Alert
Disruptor Alert helps you keep track of the trends that matter the most to you.

The Lounge also notifies you of which new future phenomena have been most recently added into the Futures Platform database for you to consider.


You can start using the full version of the Futures Platform foresight tool for FREE now by signing up to the 15-day trial. More information about the trial can be found here.

Sign up for the 15-day free trial HERE.


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