Making Foresight More Collaborative and Engaging

The new version of Futures Platform introduces a more personalised and simple way of conducting collaborative foresight.

June 9, 2021, Gökce Sandal

At Futures Platform, we strive to make foresight work accessible, effortless and engaging for teams. But we know that every team is unique – team sizes, roles, priorities and foresight maturity vary across organisations. To better accommodate the heterogeneity of teams and enhance the efficiency of teamwork, we’ve made Futures Platform’s Lounge even more personalised and compact.


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Futures Platform’s Lounge is the starting point in your journey towards the future. It is a centralised place for teams to discover new signals of change, store all future-related analysis, and collaborate. We’ve now made it more engaging, compact and personalised for you to find the information you need, when you need it.

Discover Personalized Foresight Resources

We’re introducing the Relevant Content Picked for You section, which displays customised content according to your role and at what stage you are in your foresight efforts. For example, beginners can find guidelines on getting started with foresight, whereas more experienced users can discover the latest insights on foresight best practices or future trends.

We’ve also personalised content to increase the efficiency of teamwork and help teams get the most out of their foresight efforts. Each team member can now discover a curated series of insights that are tailored to their role.

For instance, process owners and coordinators can find information that will help them manage foresight workflows and processes in their team, such as our Scenario Workflow instructions or Key Success Factors of a Foresight Program eBook.

Futures Platform's new Lounge

The relevant content section will be continuously updated, and it will be a personalised newsfeed where Futures Platform users can keep up to date with the latest events, publications and insights both by our futurists and larger foresight community.


Spot Early Signals of Change in your personalised Horizon Scan section

Horizon scanning is the first step in the larger foresight process, and it is also the step that needs to be conducted the most frequently. At any given moment, there are thousands of changes happening across industries that may potentially be the next big thing, fundamentally changing how we live or work.

To help teams streamline the continuous monitoring of change, Futures Platform’s new lounge has a dedicated Horizon Scan section. The new Horizon Scan section includes two sections – Disruptor Alerts and New Phenomena.

horizon scanning

Disruptor Alerts are personalised news articles that Futures Platform’s futurists handpick bi-weekly in your chosen topics. In the New Phenomena section, users can find the latest trends, weak signals and wild cards with compact, easy-to-digest insights by our futurists. The content added by your team will also appear in this section.


Start Future-Proofing your Plans Today

At Futures Platform, we believe that foresight is imperative in a rapidly changing world, and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make foresight work easy and engaging for every team. These latest improvements to Futures Platform’s lounge reflect our commitment to empowering teams to navigate and shape the future.

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