The Millennial Board by D11 for S-Pankki.

The Millennial Generation

Integrate Their Future Into Your Plans

March 29, 2017, Ville Vanhala

How will an entire generation shift impact the future? The Millennials seem to have different views on how they want to consume, work and live. Integrating their views into your organisation’s plans and culture can generate real value for customers and make your working life compatible with 2020. 

Bringing ideas from the future proactively into your plans and activities today can be a way to trigger a real shift in growth, profitability, customer and employee satisfaction, brand perception, employer reputation, whatever your measure of success is. One way to do this is to actively tap into the attitudes, ideas and opinions of a new generation. 

One of Future Platform’s consulting partners in Northern Europe,  D11, has set up a Millennial Board which brings millennials and leaders together regularly.  D11 has organised extremely interesting workshops in which leaders of large corporations and millennials work together on Futures Platform, exchanging viewpoints about which future trends and changes are the most interesting and important ones to be considered in organisations.  

In a recent meeting, the discussion was about leadership and organisational culture in the future. Interesting topics for consideration surfaced between the leaders and millennials. For example holacracy as a system for organisational governance was discussed. Another interesting topic was swarm intelligence. Both millennials and senior leaders agreed that it is important to pay attention to the possible changes that the Z-generation will drive when entering working life. 

The discussion was boosted by the Futures Platform trend radar (displayed on a large screen at the meeting) as it offered a number of different trends for consideration.

By gazing into the future, many interesting possibilities can be seen regarding potential changes in leadership and organisation culture. Being able to do that in a structured way and having a full 360 degree radar view of possibilities ahead is something we at Futures Platform want to enable for everyone. The Millennials discussing with senior leaders is a great example of how Futures Platform offers a platform for dialogue to produce Future Foresight.

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