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SolarCoin, Cryptocurrency Reward for Solar Energy Producers

March 26, 2017, Marianna Mäki-Teeri

SolarCoin is a blockchain based virtual currency which was initiated by SolarCoin Foundation to speed up the global renewable energy transition. Private and commercial solar owners registered in the SolarCoin network can claim one SolarCoin for every MWh of energy they produce. Generators of solar energy may receive SolarCoin grants.

SolarCoin Foundation started its revolutionary mission for promoting solar energy in 2014. Since, the Foundation has worked with its afficialites to improve the blockhain based process of monitoring and earning SolarCoins. The monetization of earned SolarCoins is possible via Lykke which is a trading platform for digital currencies.

The SolarCoin Foundation recently announced that the current worth of the their project is over $6 billion. They also revealed a launch of a new service, EZonboarding by SolarChange, which provides easier process for new members to join the SolarCoin network. Now SolarCoin is even launching into Space, a payment facility in an off-planet orbital data center by SpaceBelt.

Last Year, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) recognised SolarCoin Reward as a potential tool of providing financial support for global solar energy projects. SolarCoins are already granted for solar owners in 27 countries, and the SolarCoin Foundation desires to expand its network.

Learn more about the SolarCoin project by visiting their website. Could this blockchain technology be a ground breaking solution for promoting sustainability? 


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