New: Scenario Analysis now available on Futures Platform

Content cards on Futures Platform's foresight database now include two scenario descriptions and their development timelines.

September 7, 2021, Max Stucki

Futures Platform’s foresight database is taking the next step. From now on, many of the future trends and phenomena on our database will include two alternative, fully-fledged scenario narratives to provide you with more comprehensive assessments on future developments and help you make more informed decisions about the future.

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Futures Platform’s digital foresight database includes 700+ content cards on cross-industry future trends as well as wild cards and weak signals curated by our futurists.

Up until now, content cards on our foresight database have included three main text sections; Summary, Background, and Impacts. The summary part is a short section that delivers the main points. The Background section highlights the origins and key developments behind the phenomenon, and the Impacts section provides a brief description of how the phenomenon could develop in the future and what impacts it might have across industries.

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In our updated content cards, we’ve replaced the Impacts section with a new Impact Assessment section. This new section includes a list of key drivers that are pushing the change forward, as well as two alternative scenario narratives and their development timelines.

The scenarios reflect our assessment of the two likeliest potential directions the given trend or phenomenon may take in the future. The summary part still delivers the main points and indicates how we think the issue will develop. The background section looks at the history of the phenomenon, maps its current state and lists the main actors.

Futures Platform's new content cards include two scenarios, development timelines, as well as a list of drivers and main actors.



The changes in the content card reflect the developments in the analytical processes of Futures Platform’s content team. Through our 10+ years of expertise in foresight and scenario planning, we have developed a structured, multiple phase process through which new signals are identified, analysed, assessed and crafted into futures intelligence.

This process relies heavily on peer-review and questioning the initial assumptions. To deliver robust and well-founded views on the future, we utilise both foresight and intelligence-derived tools that ensure the quality of our process.

The scenarios are developed systematically using the Futures Table and Analysis of Competing Hypotheses methods modified for Futures Platform’s use. Each scenario undergoes a rigorous internal peer-review process. For each phenomenon, four scenarios are produced, of which the two most important ones are described in their entirety.

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Futures Platform’s updated content cards are a new level of foresight information. They provide our customers with ready-made evaluated scenarios that can be immediately put to use in various processes such as strategy testing, innovation, and risk identification.

In addition to newly published phenomena, many of the existing phenomena in our database will be updated with scenarios during the coming months. Eventually, Futures Platform’s database will have hundreds of systematically produced scenarios at your disposal.

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