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Are Future Artists Born or Artificially Made?

Machine Creativity Is Pushing the Boundaries of Art

August 28, 2017, Marianna Mäki-Teeri

Usually artificial intelligence is only considered to affect professions and fields that are characteristically less creative, but we can already also see ever tighter cooperation between man and machine in arts. The quality of some AI-generated pieces is already so high that people don’t even necessary realise that they are admiring art created by machines.

Art is considered one of the brightest achievements of human creativity and culture. AI has risen to challenge this view, as it has become increasingly talented in different forms of art.

If you haven’t come across any songs composed by AI yet, this is quite likely going to change soon, as algorithmic music is becoming increasingly available. For instance, a featured single ‘Break Free by Taryn Southern’ from the world’s first completely AI composed and produced album was unveiled last week. Classical music composed by Iamus computer has already found its way earlier to the repertoires of internationally renowned musicians and symphony orchestras.

AI painters are not only creating impressive paintings, but also capable of inventing new styles of art. As the results of a recent study reveals, the images are so convincing that people can’t even distinguish the difference between AI and human artist. AI is also mastering poetry so well that it’s able to fool people to think that its poems are human made. Do you think you would notice the difference? You can take this test and try it yourself.

It seems that were heading towards designing AI systems that attempt to conquer even fiction storytelling. The first completely AI written short film, Sunspring, was released last year. Nevertheless, as Sunspring's bizarre and messy screenplay indicates, there is still lot work to do before AI would be capable of writing independently great films, plays or novels.

What you think is the role of AI in the future of art? Or should it even have a role in it?

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