Joint Corona Fight

Do we see the birth of new global order in the fight against the world's most pressing problems?

April 28, 2020, Tuomo Kuosa

In the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak, Big Tech and corporations are joining forces to take the lead, whereas the role of national authorities has dwindled.

How big corporations join forces in the fight against the pandemic


"It has become evident that various new and old actors have started to join their forces to fight the virus together. There are, of course, still solo attempts to collect the cash from the harsh situation, but the mainstream seems to be going to another direction.

The national preparedness measures have appeared to be lacking around the world. Public leadership has usually been either non-existent, unclear, or sometimes even harmful for not taking the necessary actions early enough.

During the process, it has become clear for most stakeholders that this fight is going to be long and wearing, and the economy and most companies will suffer badly if we just try to lower the curve with suggested social isolation and washing of hands.

Therefore, many worlds biggest corporations have joint their efforts to find new methods to fight the virus, help saving patients' lives, and slowing the spreading of the virus.

This new form of collaboration in solving world's most pressing problems may end up to be the beginning of a new global order, where national authorities have much less power, and new types of transnational alliances handle the most difficult cases. Many signs and drivers supporting this are visible."

Dr. Tuomo Kuosa

Content Director, Futures Platform


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