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Smart Gel Can Protect Us from Fatal Shocks

April 11, 2017, Marianna Mäki-Teeri

A UK-based company D30 has developed a gel with amazing shock-absorbing abilities. The gel reacts to impacts by turning from soft and flexible material to hard protective armour. The technology is already utilised in several industries from sports to defence to help people avoid severe injuries.

Clothes and accessories are getting smarter features everyday due to development of different super materials. D30’s goo is one of the smart technologies which has the potential to protect us and our valuable things in the future.

The material technology has already sparked new innovations for several industries. The goo is used for example to protect football players, motorists, industrial workers and soldiers from body and head traumas. Other applications include protective solutions for smart consumer electronics. 

Floria Antolini, the chief knowledge office of the company, believes in the endless future application opportunities of their smart material technology. As she states, "We're part of the solution and we can definitely contribute to protecting people so that they experience fewer injuries".

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