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Combining Transport Options Is a Rapidly Growing Market

April 3, 2017, Tapio Mäkelä

Maas Global's Whim and Tuup are apps that combine public and private transport options to offer consumers ease of mobility. The mobility-as-a-Service market is expected to grow rapidly and create new opportunities for different transport business models.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) software business models by Whim and Tuup differ from Uber, as they do not run transport infrastructures but instead aggregate data and service deals with existing operators. This makes it much more likely for cities and nation states to allow their entry to local markets as they may increase the efficiency of existing businesses.

The pilot of Whim in Amsterdam combines public transport, taxis, and rental cars. Already piloted in Helsinki, Tuup starts a new service with VR National Railways that combines train service with other transport options from door to door on a single ticket.

The market of mobility services is expected to reach 1000 billion euros by 2020. MaaS applications are likely to also open up markets for new types of transport services connecting the dots on journeys, and also ease traffic jams as one of the likely impacts is a decrease in private car rides.


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